2.1. – Barbara’s Family

I have so many happy childhood memories of time spent with Mom’s family. Here are a couple recollections. Please send your stories using the comment section at the bottom of any page or send them with pictures to me for inclusion in this tribute using my contact information posted here.

Visits To Mom’s Parents in Texas

Mom loved to visit her parents and bring us along too. Thank you, Mom! The visits often resulted in the following activities:

  • Late night card games (often bridge which I did not understand).
  • Cousin putt-putt championships on the professionally maintained putting green in the back yard.
  • Cleaning the large goldfish pond and associated waterfalls…which were inside!
  • Trips to the country club pool with Mom’s mother, Betty.
  • Lots of cookies for the grandkids!
  • Unlimited soda pop from the refrigerator on the porch.

Mom’s Family – Skiing Visits in Colorado

Mom’s sister and family traveled to Colorado a number of times for some fun in the snow. It was so fun to be with our cousins, skiing and running about while mom, dad, Mary Lynn, and friends laughed it up over glasses of wine or “a few” Coors beers. Here are two of many mentionable things that happened which became family laughable legends for the whole family:

  1. Little cousin Kristin was a wild skier and one day found herself full-speed-ahead smack into a tree. It ended with a long tree hug, maybe some tears, and lots of laughter…Kristin, did I get that right?
  2.  Mom’s sister, Mary Lynn, took her love of Coors beer to another level one trip. Mary Lynn packed an entire case of Coors into an extra suitcase and flew home to Florida with it. We love you ML!

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