3.2. – Dan & Barbara Family Life

Being a military family we moved around a bit. The majority of our family years were spent together in three primary locations: McLean Virginia, Colorado Springs Colorado, and Vail Colorado.

During the years in McLean and Colorado Springs, I recall Mom and Dad were heavily involved in scouting, hosting lots of parties, and taking us on long summer vacations. During the early years of scouting, Mom led many of the Cub Scout activities. Mom was adorable in her mommy Cub Scout uniform and Dad got more and more involved as the scouting years progressed. Eventually, Dad became our Boy Scout Troop Master and took us on many camping/hiking trips.

Also in McLean and Colorado Springs, Mom and Dad hosted numerous parties. These were not short small gatherings. These were large parties that lasted late into the night complete with huge spreads of food, dance floors, full bars, pool tables, artwork and art improvisation. Mom would get fancily dressed up and was a social butterfly during these parties. Dad would make rounds, telling stories, and you could hear his whooping laugh echoing through the house. These were good times for the whole family. It was wonderful to see Mom and Dad so happy and enjoying life.

Vail Colorado became the final family destination due to two things: Dad’s retirement from the Army and our previous fun family skiing adventures. When in Colorado Springs the family would often go on ski trips together. These were a lot of fun, which gave Mom and Dad the idea to move to Vail Colorado when Dad retired from the Army in 1978.

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