2.4. – Dan College Stories

Dan’s College Story #1 – ROTC

Instead of accepting his father’s offer to pay for college, Dad volunteered for US Army service and entered ROTC; so, he could pay for his own college. Dad was determined to pay his own way. In addition to ROTC, Dad worked multiple jobs while going to college. Two of these jobs were as a cook for his fraternity house and, as a night manager at the local mental hospital.

During Dad’s final year of college, his father, OB, insisted on helping him financially. Dad collapsed from exhaustion while taking his 3rd-year final exams. When OB collected Dad at college following the collapse, OB insisted that Dad allows him to pay for his last year of college. He also made Dad promise not to work, he accepted. Dad said, “I was so bored that final year”.

Dan’s College Story #2 – Mischief

It was during this final year, when Dad was bored, that he got into a little mischief. My most memorable mischief story is the following fraternity prank story. As Dad explained, he “borrowed” a blinking construction light and configured it in his closet. Dad said, “…the way it worked is that the light had a clock like a pendulum that would swing back and forth, generating a pulse of 120 volts”. Dad continued, “I ran two wires from the light, down the hall, tucking them behind the baseboards all the way to the men’s bathroom”.

My curiosity was peaked, “…and then what Dad?” “…Well, I ran one wire to the floor, covering it with toothpaste and water, then attached the other wire to the metal pipe on the latrine”, Dad said with a hint of pride for his invention. “In the morning I would wake up, start the pendulum and wait for the guys to get up and take a pee”. “I would listen for a few short but loud grunts or yells and then turn it off”. Dad then chuckled and laughed with that unique Dan Moody laugh. “Dad, did you ever tell them?” I asked. “Oh no, I never told anyone,” he said.

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