2.5. – Father & Son – Dan & OB

Although Dad did not tell me any in-depth father-son stories, he mentioned a few things about their relationship that was memorable to me. These memories are the drive-in movie theater, the cows, and the gas station.

Dad’s father Oswald Benjamin (also called OB) was always looking for ventures to invest in. One of the first ventures was the establishment of a local drive-in movie theater. Dad mentioned to me that he enjoyed getting in free to the movies. I guess that was probably the big fun spot in his little hometown.

Dad was in college when the next venture kicked in which caused Dad to spent most of that summer putting up wire fencing. OB decided to become a rancher and bought a bunch of cows. My vague understanding was that OB bought at least 50 cows. I said OB decided to “become a rancher” but Dad’s interpretation of this was that OB wanted Dad to be the rancher with OB as the financier. When Dad heard about the cows he was wondering what kind of beef cows, Black Angus, etc. He apparently, laughed in objection when he found out OB had bought Long-Horn Steers! Needless to say, the ranch business came and went quickly.

The next venture only got past the discussion phase which pleased Dad very much because he was not about to become a Gas Station Attendant. What happened was that Dad wrote a paper for one of his college business classes analyzing the profit behind owning a gas station. When OB heard from Dad that a gas station was a profitable venture, he was in. The only other thing he needed was Dad to run it. Well, the gas station never got started.

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