1.2. – Young Dan

Dan at Lindsey High School

Dad was very fond of his hometown and all the quirky things about it. He was very close to his schoolmates and spoke of them often especially:

  • Gary Smith, the newspaper editor. Dad befriended him when Gary transferred in from another school. Dad liked to talk about how Gary returned to Lindsey Oklahoma after moving away and started the Lindsey “Shopper” newspaper. Dad thought Gary was one smart cookie for seizing that opportunity.
  • Bob Diggs, the funeral home director. Bob’s last name and eventual profession ended up being a fun joke for Dad and friends. Dad was very fond of Bob and enjoyed the joke immensely. 
  • Don Nation, Bob’s brother…somehow, not sure how that works.

Dan and His Grandfather Earl

A lot of the childhood stories Dad told involved his grandfather Earl and his grandmother Glover. Dad had two grandfathers on his father’s side, let me explain. As Dad told me, “…grandmother Glover divorced her husband because he refused to get a job. That took guts because women didn’t do that back then.” Dad continued, “..so grandmother Glover shows up with her two boys at my uncle’s house and tells him to watch these kids for me, I’m going to go find a husband and I’ll be back”. Two weeks later, grandmother, Glover comes back with her new husband, Earl, a full-blooded Chickasaw Indian (or so the story goes).

Earl turned out to be the grandfather every young kid would die for. Grandpa Earl owned 480 acres of an Indian land grant and spent his time hunting, fishing, and farming with a twist. Dad explained that one day he went hunting with Granpa Earl and as always, he would wait until two birds crossed paths; so, he could get two birds with one shot because it was more efficient. This day Earl got three birds with one shot! Dad was amazed.

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