Reason For This Collection & How You Can Help

Dear family and friends,

Nothing would make me more happy and grateful than if you found a quiet moment in the coming weeks to sit down and record one of your memories of my father and/or mother, Dan David Moody and Barbara Louise Fargo. If you decide that you would also like to share your memories, I will include them in this collection along with any pictures too. My contact information is below:

David Moody
107 Lide Place
Charlottesville VA 22902

This collection of memories and recollections of Dan and Barbara is one way to celebrate their life.

The collection is not meant to tell their life story but rather to be a collection of moments that warm your heart, make you laugh, or appreciate them in any way.

Although I started this project as a memorial to my father, I found it better to be a memorial for both my father and mother as I see them as one and am unable to separate them in my heart or mind. Please join me in enjoying, sharing, and celebrating our beloved Dan and Barbara!

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